Focus Groups

Listening to consumers talk about your product/service, advertising or new business ideas is one of the best forms of marketing education you can ever get. The professional focus group facility at Capitol Research Services allows clients to listen and watch consumer discussions in an unobstructed and comfortable environment.

Our facility features two focus group rooms with one-way mirror, complete audio/video recording equipment and comfortable viewing rooms. Check out our Facility page with photos and floor plans.

Our dedicated and experienced researchers can help you design group discussions that best address your business questions. Using an array of projective techniques such as brand personification, picture sorting and sentence completion, we delve deep into consumer mindsets and uncover the innermost attitudes and opinions.

Capitol Research Services has excellent recruiting capabilities. We have recruited consumers and professionals from all walks of lives, from patients of certain diseases, physicians, emergency first responders, business leaders, lobbyists to law-makers.

We also offer remote focus group viewing.