Our Services

Concept Testing

Have a bright new idea for your product or service? See how consumers like it before you make the investment. Concept testing is a practical tool to evaluate the market potential of brand positioning strategies, as well as new products or services.  Learn More

Focus Groups

Listening to consumers talk about your product/service, advertising or new business ideas is one of the best forms of marketing education you can ever get. The professional focus group facility at Capitol Research Services allows clients to listen and watch consumer discussions in an unobstructed and comfortable environment. Learn More

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interview is a qualitative research method in which experienced researchers conduct one-on-one interviews with the research objects using a semi-structured discussion guide. Learn More

Intercept Studies

A mall, a grocery store, a gas station, or a festival site? Wherever your target consumers are, we can find them and seek their opinions. Learn More

Mail Surveys

Capitol Research Services has decades of mail survey experiences. We have a large address database obtained from reputable suppliers, and use various techniques to successfully increase response rate. Learn More

Mock Juries

Pre-trial jury research or mock trial research has become a frequent pre-litigation tool during the last 20 years. Surrogate jurors from the venue or a matching surrogate venue are brought together to hear summary presentations from both positions (usually what we call an opening, but with argument). Learn More

Mystery Shops

Our interviewers have posed as various types of customers to mystery shop bank branches, retail stores, restaurants, etc. Having a pre-designed
evaluation form in mind, interviewers perform assigned tasks like purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain manner.  Learn More

Online Surveys

Online survey is the most commonly used market research method in the United States. Capitol Research Services conducts online surveys on a regular basis, and is very experienced in this area. Learn More

Product Placement Studies

Have a new product to launch? Wondering whether consumers will like it better than competitor products? Capitol Research Services can help you test various products with real consumers, and compare your product’s satisfaction and demand to competitor products. Lean More

Taste Tests

With two fully equipped kitchens, two regular focus group rooms, and a large room that can comfortably sit 30 people, Capitol Research Services has everything you need for a taste test. Our taste test experiences include an array of foods and beverages. Experienced researchers can help you design the test processes as well as the survey tool. Learn More

Telephone Surveys

Equipped with a ten-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) system, Capitol Research Services provides fast and high-quality phone survey services. Learn More

Usability Testing

Everyone had some experiences struggling with difficult software or websites. In today’s market where growing numbers of consumers rely on the Internet for information and shopping, companies can’t afford having a poorly designed website. Learn More